Dark Knight Pokies Review: Virtual Game for Comics Fans

SPC Batman

Comic fans and action hero enthusiasts will surely enjoy the released version of the Dark Knight Slot Machine. With the popularity of previously released slot games like Hellboy and The Lord of the Rings, the Dark Knight provides new levels of fun and excitement with amazing rewards that await players. A five reel virtual slot machine, this online game lets you win in 243 different ways.
Developed and released by Microgaming, Dark Knight virtual slot machine game is inspired by the 2008 Batman film series The Dark Knight. With movie and theatre inspired symbols and icons plus lots of prizes to match, this video game will surely be enjoyed by online gamers who love the thrill and action of movie heroes simulated in a classic casino game.
Free spins, multipliers, progressive jackpots, and the random appearance of the movie characters Batman and Joker entitle players of their chance to win prizes. Choose between various betting ranges, minimum bets are set at 0.01 while maximum bets go as high as 6.00 per spin.

Packed with exciting features and cool jackpots, this game of chance will surely capture your excitement as you play to find out who the next winner will be. What’s more interesting is that this game requires no game play combination to win, winners are selected randomly via a Bonus Wheel feature that entitles revealed winners to a payout.
There are so many chances to win with the Dark Knight slot machine, from progressive jackpot spins, to bonus wheel winners, random character reveals, regular spin payouts, fixed jackpot payouts, to mega progressive wins. Each game option requires no special combination while giving players the chance to choose betting ranges and game options.
A truly amazing virtual slot machine game inspired from the famous batman Movie series, the Dark Knight slot machine is sure to become one of the favorite virtual games of both online casino game players and action hero gamers alike. Entertaining, action packed, and loaded with exciting prizes. Play Dark Knight virtual lot machine to enjoy this amazing game and get your chance to win prizes.


The dark Knight lets you experience virtual slot machine gaming like never before. Choose the game options that you most prefer and choose a betting range that you will be most comfortable with. This game of chance offers amazing prizes to be won. No combinations needed, all players get their chance to win in so many ways, while winners are selected randomly.